Baby Bedrooms on the Brain

No Mom, I'm not pregnant.
But a dear friend of the family is! I couldn't be more thrilled.
It has me thinking a lot about nurseries and how to avoid the mistake of making them too theme-y or childish. Babies grow up into little people after all.
One solution that I've come up with is to take a different type of room (say a living room) and use it as the inspiration for the nursery.
It's simple really.
First, start with a space that you are smitten with.
via Style at Home
(I've been drooling over this image since I saw it in the June 2012 issue of Style at Home Magazine. I love the combo of patterns and the colour play).

Next, focus on the things you love about the room:
-Cowhide rug
-Round orange mirror
-Boldly patterned blue and white sofa
-Midtone Hardwoods

Now, reimagine those same items in a nursery setting.
Here is how I envision them:
click HERE for sources
I love how almost everything in this room (save for the crib and some accessories) can grow with the child. You know each piece will work well in a more grown up setting because that's where they were drawn from!
What do you think of this little trick?  My pregnant friend is a bit obsessed with butterflies, so maybe we should hope for a girl?
ALSO I'm guest blogging over at Illusive Print today for Ashleigh while she helps out at the Olympics, how cool is that?! In honour of that, I've put together some Gold, Silver and Bronze room inspiration!  CHECK IT OUT and show her some love!