Wednesday's Sketchbook: A Commissioned Project & Guest Post

Well guys, it's about darn time I share with you my first ever commissioned art project.
I was so thrilled and delighted when Landi of Freckled Confessions contacted me to do a custom doodle of her beautiful self for her new blog design.
After all, she'd never seen me draw a person before (and to be honest, I hadn't drawn a person in a very long time).
But I got straight to work and this is the version we decided on:

Want to see the real Landi for comparison? Well here you are:
Such a gorgeous and amazing girl! So happy to have met and connected with her through blogging.
Now a couple pics of the process and the evolution of the artwork:
Did I mention this was also my first time working with watercolours? 
Here are the three drafts all lined up for comparative purposes.
After Landi styled it for her 'About Me' page this is the final product:
 I love the look! I'm so happy and proud of the way it turned out!
If any of you have a custom doodle in mind, please don't be afraid to contact me!
Today, you can find me Guest Posting over at Freckled Confessions for Landi with a watercolor of a bar cart (one of my current obsessions). I hope you will all check it out HERE and show her some love!