DIY: Gold Skull

What a weekend that was my loves! But I am officially moved in to my new place in TORONTO. Though I'm feeling a bit lonely right now, I love the space and know that soon enough it will feel like home.

Today I've got an easy peasy skull tutorial, perfect for the fall, Halloween, or really just any time of the year if you ask me!

This tutorial is inspired by the latest skull trend, and more specifically this image:
If you have a Micheals near by, you're set, because that's  where I got all of my supplies! If not, its Halloween decor time so you should be able to find skulls at local dollar stores, etc.

Supplies: Skull and Gold Spray Paint (seriously, that's it...maybe some newspaper).
^ I found this paper mache guy at Micheals for only $2 (when I used the weekly 40% off coupon).

The one and only step: Spray paint!!!! I did three coats.

Then display and enjoy. I just love how this little guy adds some edge to my new home!

I have a whole slew of fun projects to share with you over the next few weeks (including my greek key bench you can see in the photos above), so stay tuned!