Every Room Needs a Touch of Pink

Some people believe that every room needs a bit of black (I am one of those people), but I've said it before and I'll say it again that every room also needs a touch of PINK, even if it's just in one singular item. Surely the men in our lives can't object to one single pink item in a room, can they? But it makes all the difference.

Here is some proof:
via The Glitter Guide
^Even something as simple as a pink book in a vignette can add a subtle touch of femininity and loveliness to a space. 

via designhund
 ^Pink even has a place in the kitchen. I'm in love with the pale hue of this coffee maker!

^Instead of using all white matting, try a pop of pink! This is such a fun detail, and I love the neon!

via Pawley's Island Posh
^ A pair of pink Hunter boots really makes this entrance way sing.

via Lonny Mag
^Sure this desk could easily be black or white, but isn't it so much more FUN in pink?

Have I convinced you yet? Really though, did you even need any convincing?
Have a great day, and remember to think pink!