Intro to Drafting - First Assignment

On Friday I began tackling my first drafting assignment.
From the pictures, it looks pretty easy...Don't let the pictures fool you.
As a first timer, it was tricky to get a handle on all the different drafting tools (parallel bar, t-square, triangle squares, architects scales, etc). And it was VERY time consuming!
The assignment was to draw the six specifically patterned squares to the proper scale, making sure all lines and points met up completely precisely.
If you're measurements were even the slightest bit off, the diagonal lines would not pass perfectly through each corner. Super frustrating!
First we did a rough copy on a newspaper pad, and then traced it onto this blocked vellum paper.
The rough copy is still underneath in these pictures, which is why you see some faded lines beneath.

We used a 1" = 1' scale. Using this scale, each square had to be 3'x3', and be spaced 1' apart. Furthermore, they had to start 1'-6" away from the vellum's border on the side and 2'-6" down from the border on the top.

You can't really tell from the pictures, but we had to use different leads for certain lines as well.
 Next drafting class we complete the other half of this project, which is the lettering.

On another note, the bf came to visit this weekend! We went to a Toronto Marlie's game (since the NHL is locked out). It was a lot of fun and the Marlie's won 5-0!
How was your weekend?