Craigslist Purchase: Chippendale Chairs

We all do crazy things from time to time. For me, this includes driving nearly 2 hours to purchase a dining set when I do not have a dining room....
Maybe crazy, but I have been drooling over Jonathan Adler's Faux-bamboo chippendale chairs for a year now. At $645 a piece they are obviously out of my budget. But then I stumbled upon a real bamboo chippendale set - 4 matching chairs and a table. I offered $80 and it was accepted! And they are almost identical in style to the JA chairs. I couldn't be any more thrilled!!

I plan on selling the table. It's beautiful and in great condition but I don't love the idea of a matching set. I also know that I'm going to spray the chairs, and maybe replace the worn cane seats with something upholstered. I won't decide on a colour until I have a room to put them in, but of course I'm thinking about it already. My front runner is black:
via Christina Murphy Interiors
via Style at Home - Designed by Ray Staples
via Elle Decor
White is my second choice:
via Amanda Teal

via Tiffany Eastman Interiors
 But then again there is always blue or orange:
via Plush Palette

The options are endless really. My vote is black, but what is yours?