Inside the Bell Jar: Cloches

I've always liked bell jars, or cloches. I think they can elevate a simple item that might otherwise be overlooked into something worthy of showcasing, like this shell that I put under a cloche on my coffee table. I found the darling little cloche at a local antique shop and couldn't resist its charm.
  I love the way that the pink hues in the shell play upon the pinks in my coffee table books, and that the bell jar gives my vignette a little bit of height.
One of my newest coffee table books is Nate Berkus's 'The Things that Matter'. And what is featured in Nate's place? Why a bell jar of course:
via Nate Berkus 'The Things that Matter' - Print.
I'll be reviewing his book and some other coffee table books later this month. This image demonstrates how perfectly bell jars fit with any decor. My space is so feminine and cheery, whereas Nate's is more masculine and moody. 

You guys might remember from this post that my love for library ladders was inspired by Beauty and the Beast... Could this be where my crush on cloches began as well?