Designing the Coolest Condo Ever

Alright love doves, yesterday I shared a bit about why the condo I'm designing is the strangest ever, now onto why its the coolest ever: The Aesthetics.

So as I mentioned we had to loosely base our design on a real life person, so I interviewed my cousin Alicia and her husband Mike to get a feel for their style. I also stalked Alicia's Pinterest page for inspiration.
My Design Concept: A Modern Couple with Old Souls.
I'm not talking Grandma-old here people. I'm talking Old Souls who put on a record late at night and drink scotch and dance together like in the black and white movies. I want an eclectic mix, combining fun, modern and colorful touches with architectural details that add character and warmth. Also, I'm going classic midcentury modern vintage with many of the furniture pieces.
Basically, think Traditional Bones with Contemporary Styling.

Here is what I've got for the first floor:
Foyer and powder room are getting some rad wallpaper. I'm thinking something dark (with black) for extra drama. Anyone have any goodies to suggest?
The foyer is also getting this fixture:
The staircase is going to be substantial and traditional, to give the condo a feeling of hominess, just deciding what areas to paint and where to leave the wood:
Kitchen, the heart of the home. Mike loves to cook, so I put in as many bells and whistles as I could in a somewhat limited space.
 It's going to be an all white kitchen a beautiful butcher block island. Plus, the Wolf Range was a must because of the red knobs. How amazing!
Instead of closed upper cabinetry, I'm going for open shelving from reclaimed wood (the couple's idea). They also want a hanging pot rack, so I'm stealing this idea from the IKEA booth at IDS this year:
They are also getting these pendant fixtures over the Island:
via Apartment Therapy
and of course a bar cart:
 Living Room:
The living room is going to have an amazing extra tall built-in unit to house the television and the couple's large record and book collection. I'm going to add a library ladder to reach the high shelves.
The backs of the shelves might be getting the orange paint treatment like so, only more drama:
via dmagazine
They are also getting a blue tufted velvet sectional sofa a la
via Rue Magazine (March/April 2011)
 and a Moroccan Rug:
via Rugs USA
 Ideally, a seperate dining room would have been created, but there was not enough space without really chopping up the layout. Instead, I opted for a dining area that's high on style.
It's getting a banquette upholstered in a wide blue and white stripe (Alicia loves stripes and Mike likes nautical) with tons of fun pillows:
via Whitlock&Co Etsy
Hot House Spark via AriannaBelle Etsy
 A Saarinen tulip table with marble top:
and natural wood wishbone chairs:
 Ooohooo hooo it's going to be good, don't you think?
This post is getting pretty long so I will wrap it up here (I could go on and on about every detail on this floor alone...the deep window ledges I've added, the storage under the stairs, etc. etc.) and share the second and third floors in other posts!
Peek at this floor all laid out: