Black and Gold Lamps: So Glam

I was visiting my parents the other week and I found a brass lamp base in a box in the basement.
Unreal Find.
When I looked up 'brass lamp' on Pinterest, you wouldn't believe how many 'paint that old ugly brass lamp' pics I came across, and lets just say mine is of the same know, the old school ones that generally had dusty rose lamp shades and whatnot.
Maybe it's just because brass is so hot right now, but I'm in love with the lamp...I see the potential. I just need to find the perfect black drum shade to go with it... trickier than you might think! I found one at HomeSense but it wasn't tall enough to hide the ugly stuff.

In the mean time, here is some inspiration of the hollywood glam I'm hoping to recreate:
Eddie Ross via DecorPad

via Lonny August 2012
Amanda Dawbarn via the Glitter Guide
via Pinterest
via with-intention
I saw a possible lamp shade option at Walmart but they were sold out. I'll have to check in soon!