Client Patio: Beginning Stages

My newest client (and best friend) Laura has recruited my help in designing the itty bitty patio attached to the condo that she shares with her boyfriend Greg. These are the requirements for the space:
-keep their current barbeque
-comfortable seating for two
-furniture that will not take up much space when stored during the winter
-entertaining style
-keep on tight budget

After sending them a few mood boards, Laura and Greg knew one thing for sure: they wanted a garden stool. These can be quite pricey, so I was a little concerned we wouldn't be able to find one that suited their budget, but good old Home Sense came through again with this beautiful piece:
Only $60!
The direction we are currently taking it is somewhat of a Hampton's beach house vibe, a la Victoria Hagan:
via Victoria Hagan
BUT we are adding in gold accents to amp up the glam factor. Here is a look at our plan right now:

 This mood board demonstrates a good balance of masculine and feminine - perfect for a young couple just navigating eachothers' design sensibilities.
I think it also works well because the chairs and little foot stools easily fold up and can be stored in the closet during the winter. Other pieces like the bar cart and the garden stool can be repurposed inside during the cold months.
I can't wait for the warm weather to get it all put together! Seriously though, what is up with ice storms mid-April?