My New Area Rug (& Obsession)

On Friday, I had a blissful day off from both school and work. With the weather being so nice I wanted to do something a little spontaneous (and it just so happens that I had access to a vehicle last week for project week). I was perusing kijiji when I spotted an estate sale close by!
 I had never been to an estate sale before, although I always wanted to try! I wasn't fully prepared for what met me (more on that tomorrow). But I did walk out with one purchase, and I consider it the deal of the century. Actually though (keep reading).
Meet my new rug:
 I'm obsessed with it.
While it definitely needs a professional cleaning, would you believe me when I say I paid less than 100 dollars total for this thing of beauty?
 My jaw dropped when I heard the price, and I immediately paid for it and stuck my 'sold' sign on it. I didn't really get to inspect it very well, but when I got home I looked it over and spotted this on the back:
 Hand-made in Pakistan, and from ELTE?! You mean this ELTE? The one with the very, VERY expensive rugs? Like many thousands expensive? Pinch me I'm dreaming.
It also had this written on the back, although I'm not sure what it means exactly...

 I believe it to be made of wool, because of the larger knots. It's foldable, which I learned in textiles this term is a sign of a high quality knotted rug. Furthermore, the fringe is woven into the rug rather than added on later. All bonuses.
Whether or not my rug is actually worth thousands remains to be seen (I am thinking about getting it appraised), but either way, I love it!!! What do you think?!