Throw Back Thursday: Bohemian Treehouse

Alright guys, a long time ago I shared a treehouse styling makeover. When I shared the post, I didn't have very many followers. When I look back at the comments though, it warms my heart to see some of the people who have supported me from the very beginning! Big hugs to those wonderful women.
Recently this treehouse has been getting some Pinterest action, so I thought maybe it was time to share it again with the followers who have since joined the Tiffany Leigh community.

Back story:
When I was a bratty angelic youth, I used to run away sometimes. This treehouse in my backyard is where I would go and threaten to live for the rest of my life. Total bad ass, I know. Back in those days, it was fairly uninhabitable and my moving out usually lasted about twenty minutes (felt like an eternity though!).

Two summers ago, I felt that I needed this space as an escape again and decided to style it as a bohemian style reading retreat. It was in a sad state (hadn't been used in years) but I managed to breath some new life into it:

And here is the Treehouse After:

 Check out the original post here.
Makes me miss home a little bit! Did any of you have a treehouse growing up?