(Silk) Pillow Talk

Between blogging from bed, reading in bed, occasionally watching my shows from bed, and sleeping in bed, I am a girl who knows the importance of soft, comfortable bedding. But, I did not realize the importance of silk pillow cases until recently, when my friends at Silksleep sent me two glorious 100% Silk pillow cases. Let me just tell you - total game changer.

Sleeping on silk has so many benefits!
1. It is great for preventing wrinkles as your skin doesn't 'tug' throughout the night. Silk's tightly woven structure also helps to keep moisture close to the skin, as opposed to other fabrics that will absorb your night cream. This means a hydrated, glowing face in the mornings.

2. It's great for your hair! You've heard the expression 'silky smooth' hair before haven't you?! Bedhead is much diminished by sleeping on silk, since it slides rather than bunching and knotting.

3. Silk has temperature control properties. This is great for someone like me who suffers from night sweats (does anyone else have this issue?!).

Plus, silk is just a small luxury that makes going to bed and even making the bed somehow feel glamorous.

And of course, I'm still absolutely loving my 100% silk sleep mask from Silksleep. It's also wrinkle preventative, and allows me to sleep in way past the morning light flooding my room at 6 am.

Get your own pillows here. Sleep mask here.
 A big thanks again to my friends at Silksleep!