IDS 2014: Some Highlights

Like every other Toronto design blogger/enthusiast, I spent a good chunk of my weekend exploring and being inspired at IDS2014. I get very overwhelmed by the sheer size of events like this, and inevitably, my intentions to take a million pretty pictures get thrown out the window while I touch and experience everything. I did, however, make sure to document some things that really caught my eye.

First up is the IKEA booth. IKEA is always a showstopper at this event and this year was no exception!

I was literally drooling over that gold tile!

I also really liked the fun and quirky displays illustrating colorways at the Urban Barn Display:
Obviously this wall treatment isn't the most practical, but it is pretty and romantic isn't it?

A line by Aerin Lauder is coming to Cocoon Furnishings! I just loved this etagere vignette:

I also had fun seeing the new products on the market, especially those designed and constructed locally here by talented designers in Toronto.
I found these 'Innit' chairs to be so fun and surprisingly comfortable:

 Last but not least, I had the privilege of hearing the design talks by Linda Reeves, Kelvin Brown, Suzanne Dimma and Sarah Richardson, which was very inspiring and motivating. Sarah's booth featuring her new Kravet fabric line was amazing too, but much too crowded for me to take a decent picture!  Here is a peak off of Sarah's Instagram account:
via Sarah Richardson on Instagram
Next year, I will try to take more photos! At least this year I didn't knock over any sculptures...
Big thanks to M. for sticking it out with me all day! He is a keeper.

Were any of you at IDS? What was your favourite thing?

Flamingo Barware

How cute are these flamingo glasses from IKEA? I picked up 6 while I was there the other day.
Can't wait to sip some pink lemonade from these beauties! They feel quite at home in my lucite tray.
 Sadly, the matching napkins I wanted were sold out:
via Stephanie Sterjovski
Hopefully they will restock soon! For even more flamingo inspiration, check out this post I did way back in July!
I wish I could stay and chat loves but I have a HUGE presentation today in front of some very important people. This could be big!

Decor Shopping

This weekend was spent in Burlington visiting friends, IKEA, and a flea market. Here is what I found:
I scored this amethyst chunk from the Flamborough Antique Market for only $3! I've been eyeing these up on Design Darling for ages, so I was so excited to find this! They look so pretty in vignettes:
I'm getting snazzy with decor for my antique bar cart with this vintage crystal wine decanter. Snapped it up for $20 at the flea.
 At IKEA, I picked up the EIVOR throw I was coveting and this gorgeous tribal inspired lumbar pillow!
Sadly, they didn't have the pink and white striped BARBAR tray. Also the dream desk was beautiful but a bit too narrow for long nights doing homework, I think my legs would cramp up! I did buy my RIBBA picture frames though!

That's all I got but did you guys know the MALM dresser now comes mirrored? Super cool if you ask me.
What have YOU picked up decor shopping lately?

Ikea Love

This weekend, I'm heading to Burlington to visit my dear friend Laura. And, of course, a trip to Burlington just wouldn't be complete without a trip to Ikea. The only thing I need are some inexpensive frames for the artwork I've been gathering for my new lease space.
That doesn't mean that I'm not lusting after everything in the store a few great pieces!
1. BARBAR tray, in pink and white. $6.99. Cute and preppy.
2. BESTA BURS desk, in high gloss white. $299.00. I posted about my love for this here.
3. EIVOR throw, in black and white. $29.99. I'm pretty sure I'll come home with this...
4. DOCKSTA dining table, in white. $229.00. This is my favourite dining table for small spaces EVER. I probably won't need a dining table for a few years, but I really want to buy this so I have it when the time comes. I've posted about this before too...see pics of this piece in stunning interiors here.
5. Grafted Cactus, (hopefully a bright coral one!). $9.99. I need a little life in my room!
6. ANGENAM bowl, dark brown and gold. $19.99. This color combo is so glam.
7. TOBIAS Chair, transparent and chrome. $89.00. Ummm...lucite. Speaks for itself.
What is your fave IKEA piece?


I am currently drooling over this desk from IKEA. It has my mind rolling with so many ideas.

The description says "A long table top makes it easy to create a workspace for two", but I thought, what about a space for ONE to do both work and beauty? It would cut down the need for two pieces of furniture in a smaller, studio style space. The high gloss white and slim leg design would make it visually light and airy.
Let me show you what I mean with a quick sketch (maybe this makes up for the lack of doodle yesterday):
A venetian mirror over one side, with a jar of makeup brushes and a tray of lipsticks.
A fabric covered inspiration board over the other side, with laptop and office supplies!
You could even mix up the seating for extra fun.
I've always wanted an extra long desk
like this:
 Or this:
 Or this:
Is there room for this in my student rental come October? Well, No...
Is that going to stop me? Let's just say I love a good design challenge so we will see!
ps. Only a few more days to enter to win my earrings giveaway! Get in on it while you still can ;)

Happy Canada Day!

I love me some Canadian goodness. Born and raised baby, bring on the celebrations!
Some fun Canadian facts:
1. I'm sure you all have noticed that I add an extra 'u' into words like color/colour and favorite/favourite. That's the Canadian in me!
2. I've never seen a real life igloo...shocking I know.
3. Beaver tails are a delicious Canadian treat. Now before you get grossed out, let me describe it...fried dough in the shape of a beaver tail and rolled in sugar.  Amazing.
4. We don't say 'aboot', but we do say 'eh'...like alot.
5. Same sex marriage is legal in every province in Canada. Yay for equality and acceptance of others!
Okay, now onto some fun Red and White inspiration! (Just throw in some blue and you've got 4th of July covered too!)

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6
What are you doing to celebrate Canada Day/ the 4th of July? 

Favourite Furniture Fridays: IKEA ALEX drawer unit with casters

{I'm beginning to think I should retitle this series 'Ikea' Furniture Fridays, I love so many of their items! But I like alliteration...so the title stays!}
Today the piece I'm featuring is the ALEX drawer unit with casters. Chances are you've seen this piece (and maybe didn't even realize it)!
^ This is actually my dream studio office space. The IKEA unit successfully seperates the desk into two distinct work stations:
One for designing, the other for sewing.

^ Here the castors have been removed and the units have been built into this giant island-style desk!
^Line them up!
^ Stack them up!
^ The IKEA catalogue does it right!

Do any of you have this piece? How do you like it?
xox Tiffany Leigh

Get the Look: Black and White Rug

I couldn't help but drool over The Aestate's Sexy Space this Saturday. 
I love the dramatic wall treatment and the rug. 
If you love it like I do, don't despair! 
I've found the perfect piece for you're very own sexy space.
 IKEA rug
Happy Shopping and Happy Weekend!
xox Tiffany

Favourite Furniture Fridays: Glass Top Desk

I'm constantly on the look out for inspiration for my future creative studio/office space. One thing I've been spotting lately are desks with a raised glass top, so you can easily slide inspiration and notes between the desk top and the glass.
Stylish, and practical, it looks good from both sides so it can be in the middle of the room rather than up against the wall. Also, you can take the pieces you're using for a current project off of the chaotic inspiration board and have them readily in sight. Isn't it drool worthy? I was fully prepared to pine away until a recent trip to IKEA proved that I can actually afford this baby quite easily!
Table Top / Trestle with Shelf

 What do you think? Can you see yourself getting work done at this gorgeous desk? I sure can.
xox Tiffany Leigh

Trend I'm Loving: Neon Pink

I recently came across this beautiful outfit via tumblr:
I just love her outfit, specifically the BLAZER (and the pup!)

Bright pink has been on trend in both the fashion and decorating worlds for awhile now, and I'm obsessed. Shocking Pink was always my favourite crayon in the box. The following spaces will explain why:

 ^^The otttoman, pillows, glass accessories, and ESPECIALLY that lit up lampshade, take a white room and amp up the personality factor!

^^This wallpaper is certainly not for the faint at heart. You can see in the backroom how the light really brings out the brightness of the print's colour. Does anybody know what wallpaper this is? I love it!

From the living space of Anne Ulku, a Minneapolis based freelance graphic designer via Design*Sponge
^^Art and accessories contribute the neon pink to this room. I love all the bright and fun details.

^^ A pink couch! My boyfriend would never allow it. But maybe if I get my own place I'll get something like this. It's so fun.

Get the look via IKEA 
KARLSTAD sofa, IKEA. $499.
KLUBBO coffee table, IKEA. $99. (came out a little blurry in the picture, but its quite streamline)
POANG rocking chair, IKEA. $179.
Add to this some colourful pillows, wall mount shelves chalked full of books, a small round side table, some accessories to the coffee table top and you've got this look for a reasonable price!

Do you have some bright pink in your wardrobe? What about pink decor?
-Tiffany Leigh